The Body Shop- Brush On Buff- Perles de Soleil -Caramel

These little pearls of color are so much fun and easy to use on the cheeks.
I use these as a blush but you could use them anywhere like the eyelids, chest or all over for a luminous glow.
Just grab a fluffy blush brush and swirl into the pot of pearls, tap and apply along the apples of the cheeks and up through the cheekbone, onto the temple and into the hairline.
I use this product for day or night.  They're more of a pink tone on the skin so these would be a wonderful addition to a bride on her big day.
Subtle and sweet.
The .8 oz pot has lasted about 2 years and there's a lot of color pearls left inside which means I'll probably have them another 2 years.  Ok, typically you don't want to hold on to most makeup that long but these balls of color are compacted tight and I have yet too see any "blooming" or odd scent.  Those are some things to look for.  Blooming is when the product gets a white-ish film over the top of it and doesn't give color anymore.  For example, if you've ever eaten an old piece of chocolate, it gets that whitish "bloom" over it and it tastes really old and musty.  Same idea with eyeshadows, blush, compacts.  Only hopefully we don't eat them!!!!
Anyhoo, I'm rambling...thanks.