MAC mineralize skinfinish natural in "light"

This is a nice, soft coverage that I'll use over my tinted spf moisturizer during the day to even out my skin tone and to give my skin more coverage.
The cost is about $27.00 and you can purchase @ any MAC counter.
It looks like a compact and you'd use a large fluffy round brush to "dust" on the skin.
One compact lasts me about 8 months.
It doesn't come in every shade so finding the right color match may be challenging but if you do find a match-you're stoked. It's a mineral makeup just like all the others and also has the built in spf of 18 or so.

Makes a great finishing powder too for those on camera! Boys and girls alike!


eminence organics tropical vanilla sun cream spf 32

This is a face product and yes, it's got vanilla in it. Most body products have the vanilla in it but not the face. I was pleasantly surprised.
The cost is anywhere from $32-$50.00 for a 2 oz. jar. You can find on line or at resort spas all over the country.
The vanilla is a soothing ingredient which improves circulation and the zinc oxide is anti-inflammatory and protects against the uv rays.
I love the texture of this moisturizer. It feels like silk and is light weight which allows the ingredients to get in to the skin quicker. I love that it's a true moisturizer and an spf in one. It's not heavy at all and the smell is true, not fake and cheap smelling.

I use about a dime size all over my face, neck and chest. You could put your foundation over it whether it be a liquid or powder if you choose.

Great for men and women! Enjoy.


prescription desonide/hydroquinone/retina .05/6/.05 cream

This is a key product in my repertoire.
I pay around $60.00 for 60 grams of this prescription anti-ager.
You'll need a primary doctor or dermatologist to prescribe it.
Desonide is a corticosteroid which protects the skin from inflamation, peeling and severe redness.
Hydroquinone is a skin bleaching cream that breaks up the melanocytes(which give you pigment)in the tough, spotted areas.
Retin-a is an anti-bacterial, anti-aging and firming ingredient that works by forcing the skin to turnover at a much faster rate and clearing up the skin.
This formulation works great for me because the percentage is low. Meaning, I use it every other night or every third night and it does wonders for my complexion, elasticity and brightness of my skin and it's not harsh. If I plan to take a sunny vacation, I'll stop a few days before and won't start up until I return. Don't forget to apply it over the face, neck and top of the chest. Some people even use it on the back of the hands. Remember to use at night and don't over do it. One tube of this combo will last me a year and I use about 2 pea-size amounts per application.
Great for male and female.

CVS oil-free eye make-up remover pads

So, these are fabulous and safe to use even for contact lenses and one pad does the job for both eyes. Okay, if you've got LOTS of eyeshadow, liner and waterproof mascara, use one per eye.

I bought these @ CVS pharmacy for around $5.00. There's 80 pads in each jar.
Hey, with any product @ CVS, if you have a reaction or are not satisfied w/ the product, they have a money back guarantee!

So after I remove my mascara with tepid water and my fingertips, I'll glide the pad over and under each eye and toss. It grabs at any surface dirt, eyeshadow/liner and cleans it off softly. I don't use these daily but when I need them, they're so easy to use and they don't leave a film whatsoever. Easy, safe and comfortable for anyone.

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Dior diorshow blackout mascara

I never used to think there was a big difference between mascaras..............
Until 2008 when my friend from France came to the US and gave me a Dior "backstage" kit. In it I found the ultimate and would-soon-be the best selling mascara to date. Ok, not sure about that but it sounds accurate and I'd be shocked if it weren't true. Anyway, a tube of this mascara runs $24.00 and I replenish every 6 months at the Dior counter @ Macy's. There's no reason to wear waterproof mascara unless you cry all the time, are getting married or are a lifeguard for a living.

This texture is smooth and almost as thick as toothpaste. So one coat is usually fine but out of habit I keep stroking it over my lashes. It's not clumpy and never bleeds on me. The coolest part is that I use my fingertips with tepid water to remove it off of my lashes. I start with wet fingertips and begin at the base of my lash lines and move outward and off the ends. Grasp the lashes ever so slightly and a few times like this and it's all gone. It comes off sooooo easy!!!

So if you want some definition, thickness and length in your lashes, get this one if you haven't already.
Men and women can use- bien sur!

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Cover Girl Tru Blend Whipped Foundation

I bought this pot of mousse-like foundation at Wal-Mart for about $10.00.
I blend about a pea-size each of both my foundation and my Ti-Silc(see yesterday's post).
I blend w/my fingertips all over my face, neck and chest just like a moisturizer. There's no need for sponges or foundation brushes, they just soak up all the product.
The reason I blend the two products together is because the foundation alone can be a bit heavy. Any fine line we have holds the heavy foundation and therefore accentuates the line. Who wants that? The Ti-Silc is MUCH lighter weight and has the spf 45 so I love the combo!
This foundation has every shade for every skin tone. Females would love and for the daring men, go for it if you really like a foundation coverage. Fabulous for those who are on-camera, film or stage!

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Ti-Silc sheer uva/uvb spf 45

This is a great all- in- one option for daily wear. It's got a sheer tint, an spf of 45 and it's a true moisturizer. For 4 oz. I paid around $35.00 on Amazon. Some dermatologists carry it too.

I use this product daily with another foundation that I mix together. (I'll talk about the foundation tomorrow.) This texture is lightweight and should be used all over the face, neck and top of the chest. There's a universal sheer tint to it that evens out nearly all skin tones and doesn't look like make-up. If you're in a hurry, this one is for you. I wear it over my vit c product every day of the year. An spf should be worn any where in the world every single day.

Men, yes men, and women can wear this product.
Great price point and oh yes, a little bit goes a long way!

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