Peter Thomas Roth Firm X Serum

The latest peptide serum that aides in line prevention.  Not another one of those!
The break through ingredient is called Calmosensine and it has a lipo-dipeptide that inhibits muscle contraction and increases the skin's tolerance to internal and external aggressions.  It's also said that Calmosensine soothes the skin by lessening sensitivity to chemical irritants.  Apparently aides in sexual stamina too-whewhoo!
All of that said, this serum feels great and fills in my fine lines.  It has almost a primer effect to it which gives an even texture to the skin.
I've been using it about 3 times a week in the morning under my moisturizer w/ SPF.  I use it in place of my vitamin c serum.  I like that it's fragrance free and it spreads easy.
Peter Thomas Roth is always coming out with new and exciting products and this is a splurge that's worth it.  Using it just around the eyes, naso-labial folds and neck helps to keep the serum around longer.  Don't waste it.  :)