Peter Thomas Roth Glycolic Acid Clarifying Tonic

This toner you need to push into the skin with a cotton pad. I know I've said before not to use cotton pads with toners because they soak up too much product and they don't leave the skin dewy enough BUT this is an exception to the rule.
The glycolic acid should be applied with controlled movements all over the face, neck and top of chest. Therefore, getting a cotton pad with enough product is important. The cotton pad does not need to be saturated but enough for 2 full swipes over the areas I mentioned.
So this product sells for around $30.00-$35.00 on-line.
My 8.5 oz. bottle lasts about 8 months because I only use it sporadically. I'll use it before applying my retin-a at night. I'll use it after a deep exfoliation, under my vit-c product during the day. It helps to get product in to the skin quicker too! It's great to use if breakouts are appearing because glycolic, a sugar derivative, is anti-bacterial and won't over dry. This formulation also has allantoin in it which, like aloe, soothes irritations and redness. The glycolic also helps to break down the congestion in the skin, allowing the skin to breathe again-smokers skin could use this unless you've got SEVERE rosacea.
A safe and effective fix for most! Men could use to help eliminate in-growns after shaving and under moisturizer!

Olay Definity Neck & Chest Daily Restoration Treatment

This is a mousse-like cream that I've been using at night. I bought it at Wal-Mart for around $20.00. I apply this product on the nights that I'm not using my retin-a. I don't want anything blocking the absorption of my prescription.
It's totally fragrance free and it does feel gel-like on my skin. It leaves my skin feeling silky smooth. It's supposed to lighten sun spots and I have not seen that yet but it's only been three weeks and not daily as it says to do. That being said, it's a smart move on Olay's part, because we don't see many neck and chest treatments outside of spas and at an affordable price. Tip: Don't forget that you can ask for samples at Nice touch.
For men and women-give it a try.

Hanskin Caviar Gold B.B Cream

This is a daytime moisturizer, from Korea, that has a brightening effect, anti-wrinkle and an SPF of 21.
It's got a slight beige tint but blends in well with my Ti-Silc.(see previous post) It sells on amazon, (around$30.00) and in specialty asian markets.
I found it at the cosmetics counter at Hancook Korean Market, San Jose, CA. I enjoyed my experience by asking questions and talking with the skin care specialist. I was skeptical at first but found that it makes my skin look really even toned and smooth. No woman needs too heavy of foundation, it sits in all the lines!!!! The color that comes out of the product looks different once you get it on the face, you've got to try it to really see the true color. There's also aloe in it which makes it thinner and easier to apply.
So this is especially fabulous for skin that is hyper-pigmented and on the fair side.
Get it on the face, neck and top of chest! Good Luck.

MAC lipliner in Spice

Ok, Ok, the lining of the lips is sooo yesterday but do remember that you can line the lips for a plumper, fuller look and blend in the liner onto the lips. This is great for a more matte look and easier than trying to find a lipstick to use with it. Plus the two-toned lips are really not a good thing right now. If you want a gloss instead of a matte, grab your cappuccino or clear gloss of choice and put all over the lips.
If you have lip liners that are getting that frosted, whitish tip from sitting in the makeup drawer too long, here's a tip:
Use your pencil sharpener to shed a layer or two off then on the back of your hand, draw the color back and forth to warm it up before putting it on. Lip liner pencils (same goes for eye liner pencils) do not usually have a shelf life. Unless you have an organic liner made from raw beets or something, you'll be alright.
This oldie-but-a-goodie MAC spice liner is so hard to match, making it a unique, not to mention, staple in any cosmetic bag! So don't be afraid of the lip liner anymore, you may have another shade that your lips will love all over again-just keep it monochromatic please!
I've found that anyone can use this color-go on and get it!

Lollia Relax hand cream in Lavender & Honey

I bought this lovely 6 oz. hand cream at Fred Segal (Santa Monica) for around $15.00.
I enjoy this shea butter blend on my body too. It's not heavy so it's spreads quickly and evenly, leaving a hint of scent. Fresh, clean and subtle, very sexy.
Good night........sorry.yawn.what?

Peter Thomas Roth Un-Wrinkle Eye

This sells for around $100.00 and a little goes a long way. PTR started selling on QVC a few years ago and you can find on-line and resort spas.
I use about a pea size at night. Using a tapping motion with middle and ring fingers, I go all around the orbital bone including in between the brows. I also tap it on top of my lip line!
The texture is like a serum/moisturizer. It gets in the skin quick.
There are so many unique ingredients in this product like vitamins a and e but it's the patent pending topical botox ingredient (syn-ake) that I really love! There's lots of peptides (restores youthful cells) and many other goodies for the skin. This product gives a lot of bang for your buck and lasts about 6-8 months for me.
Good for keeping the little "milia" (calcium deposits) at bay.

Bonne Bell Lip Lites in cappuccino

The best $3.00 can buy for the lips!
I've gone through about 15 tubes of this product over the last 10 years.
It's always been a staple in my makeup case, my purse and my car. I love it and it's such a great emergency tool. Like when you need to grab something at the last moment for a little spark of color-this is perfect.
The texture is soft and absorbent without being too gummy or heavy. It smells like a cappuccino-guilt free. There's a hint of neutral color with some pearl-essence mixed in but very subtle.
I use it on top of color or alone. Either way I always get people asking about my lip color when I use this particular product.
It does come in different shades but there's something elegant about this shade that I continue to adore. Yum Yum for everyone!