Why facials are important:

Ahhhh, to relax and let go of the world for an hour seems dreamy.

Well, facials could be helping you with a whole plethora of health benefits at the same time you're getting your pores clean.

We live in a society that is much less "touchy/feely" and we're even less comfortable around strangers because of the things we see, read and hear about.  That being said, when you decide to put your trust in a facialist, it's got to feel relaxing, trusting, private and genuinely therapeutic.  Once those components are present, it's time to give yourself a time out and just breathe.  Your "happy chemicals" including Dopamine, Serotonin, Endorphins and Oxytocin release anxiety, depression and self doubt and then allow to fill your bucket with optimism, strength and compassion for yourself and others.

Getting a thorough facial is defined differently by each guest and what their expectations are at the time of their appointment.  It may be different each visit, understandably so.  We all have a "type" of skin but the conditions of our skin change all the time.  It's important to get some sort of exfoliation even for the super sensitive conditions as that's what helps with circulation, and cell renewal.  It's imperative that you get a customized facial suited just for you and your current skin condition.

As we age, our cells do not turnover as quickly as they used to.  For example, when you cut yourself as a child, the skin rebuilds at a MUCH higher rate than when we cut ourselves at mid life.  The cells usually rebuild every 28 days and then it takes 56 days to rebuild then 84 days and so on.....Much slower renewal.  It's extremely important to appropriately exfoliate to remind the cells to turnover.  Exfoliating also prepares the skin and "dis-encrusts" the skin for easier comedone (blackhead) and/or pustule removal.

Steam helps to just slightly soften the skin and penetrates products.  You don't have to use steam but it does serve a purpose and many people enjoy the misting sensation.

Facial massage is important to exercise the facial muscles and also to release pressure or tension on the facial muscles.  It's this magical feeling that happens once the facial bones are being relaxed.  The sacrum starts to melt into the bed and the shoulders leave the hunched position and there's a feeling of pure weightlessness.

Facials are so much more than what many may think.  It's not so much about the vanity but more about getting a thorough "grooming" treatment.  Most of all, giving yourself permission to turn off for a much needed siesta...........It's the best preventative medicine you can give to yourself.

There's so much that goes into a facial treatment and I want to remind you of a few things before you book an appointment.  This is your treatment so don't be afraid to speak up if you have any aversions or  questions.  There's no such thing as a crazy question.  Also, stay hydrated before and after a facial treatment. A lot of lymph draining occurs and it's easy to get dehydrated.  Communication is key.

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