Revercel Vitamin C Infusion

This is a waterless, topical vitamin C product.  I use it under my daytime moisturizer.  The texture is more of a soft, lightweight cream but absorbs quickly leaving a nice base to then apply my moisturizer/spf.  It tingles on contact which is normal because it's active.  It feels great as it's absorbing into my skin.  I find it really works well to brighten the sun spots and firm my skin-a major collagen stimulator!  I use it all over my face, neck and feather down to the top of my chest.  I use about a half-dime size for applying on these areas.  Don't use on acute acne or any open skin.  Better used on mature, combination and dry skin.
I really enjoy the unique texture of this product.  Usually you'll find vit c in a serum so this is a great alternative if you're looking.........