Voluspa Cocoa Tamarind Eau De Parfum

This 1oz body spray is so delicious smelling.
I got it on Amazon for around $25.00.  What a bargain too.
Just a spritz or two is all you need.
Besides the cocoa and tamarind, it's also got orange, cloves and vanilla in it which makes for a really unique but not overpowering smell.
The price is right too.  I love this especially on a date night when it's warm out.  :)
There are others scents available too.

Peter Thomas Roth Radiance Oxygenating Serum

A soft, luminous serum boosted with lots of yummy ingredients for all skin conditions except severe rosacea and acne.
This product is great day or night under your moisturizers to brighten the skin tone.  A mild, fresh citrus scent makes it pleasurable to put on the skin.
Loaded with all of the wonderful brighteners like bearberry, licorice, vit c and mulberry.
This serum goes deep in to the skin because oxygen moves through a patented FIFLOW carrier deep into the epidermal layers.  We lose oxygen in our skin from environmental factors like carbon dioxide and second hand smoke.  This equals dehydration-no bueno.
I use about 2 drops for the orbital area and I can feel a comfortable tingle so I know it's getting into my skin.  It's meant to be used all over the face neck and chest but I really like it around my eyes too.  :)
This would be a great product for smokers with that ashy, suffocated skin.  Oxygen is what your poor pores want!!!
Find this on line and at resort spas anywhere from $80. to $125.00 for 1 oz.

Revlon ColorStay Mineral Lipglaze in Lasting Shimmer 500

An affordable lipstain that really lasts all day.
Around $8.00 at drugstores.
I need to scrape off some of the color before I apply otherwise it's lipglaze overload!!!
Just at the opening of the tube, you can scrape it off easy.
I like this color with a natural, light makeup application and also with a smokey evening look.
It's very light and neutral so it works for many looks and skin tones.  There are lots of other shades to choose from also.
Fun and easy and lasts about 8 hours for me.
Smells nice too.  :)

Lumene Vitamin C+Age Defying Energy Cocktail

LOVE this vit c product by Lumene.  It's different than the other Lumene vit c drops that I've talked about previously in that this one is more of an oil base.  There's arctic cloudberry and caring cranberry which are high in vit c but not as high as you find through a spa or derm line, fyi.  But that's okay especially for you sensitive -to-vit-c skins out there.  And they do exist so this one would better suit the skins that have had reactions to c in the past.  (no tingling upon application)  Because of the lower levels of ascorbic acid and the fact that it's an oil base, give this one a try.  Everyone, I mean everyone can absolutely benefit by using a topical c product.  (Except active acne)  It stimulates collagen production, a free radical scavenger(i.e. pollution, second hand smoke, sun damage), capillary strengthener(you luck o the irishmen and women) and skin brightener!
I use it in the am under my moisturizer/spf.  As always, face, neck and top of the chest.
Shake the bottle before pumping 3-4 drops into the hand.  It also has a nice citrus smell to it. :)

Milani Eye Shadow in Black Out #02

This eye shadow is so much fun!
About $7.00 at CVS and a rainbow of colors in the line.
Despite the name of this particular color, it has so many other colors in it like blues, greens and silver.  Lots of sparkle and can be used wet or dry.  Simply use a thin liner brush to apply along the lid or swipe with a fatter brush for less intensity and drama.  It comes with a little brush but I don't use it, my fingers are too big.  Have fun with it and check out the entire line, I was quite impressed!

Eminence Organic Soothing Chamomile Tonique

Sorry I meant to add this product yesterday.
This toner feels so calming to the skin and it helps to neutralize at-home peels/exfoliants.  It brings the skin's pH back to normal.  For example, after I exfoliate with the Yam and Pumpkin enzyme, I spritz this over my skin and press in before I apply my other products.
Among wild chamomile (soothing and repairing) there's glycerin which aids in keeping the skin moist and comfrey root which aids in the healing of tissue in this product so it's more of a treatment tonique.  I would suggest for every day spritzing, a different toner and keep this one, if you can, specifically for at home exfoliations/peels.
Other peel/exfoliant ingredients that it will neutralize are:  glycolic, lactic, enzymes.
Enjoy this unique treat!

Glossy Magic B.B Cream by Hanskin

This is another face cream that comes from Hanskin in Korea.
Amazon sells it or select asian markets have it.  Around $30.00.
I LOVE the iridescent look to this product.
I apply it after my moisturizer/makeup just on top of my lower orbital bone.  It really youthifies the eye area but in a subtle way.  Sexy for day or night wear with little makeup or a lot for a club hop, YOU decide!
If you'd like to add some luminosity to your makeup, you could add a little bit all over the entire face especially for a bride or tropical vacation look too.
I use about a 1/4 pea size or less for my orbital bone and apply outward up to the temples.
Beautiful and easy.  I gotta love that!  You will too-check it!
Grammy night, gotta run :)
won't ya join in manana?