MAC 136 brush

This soft brush is what I use to apply a top layer of my pressed minerals.
The dome shaped layered bristles are so light, they don't allow the brush to grab too much product.  It then goes on very sheer and even and minimal.  If I need more coverage I just re-apply another layer.  It's important to have an effective powder brush to also ensure that you don't waste too much product.
The brush is made in France with synthetic bristles.  Fragrance free and easy to clean with a face cleanser and tepid water.  Lay it on a clean hand towel to dry or bristle side up in a cup.  Depending on how often you use it, clean it about every 2-6 weeks.  If your skin is more acne prone, clean every week or two.
Another clue that it's time to clean your brushes is when they get the little balls of powder and who knows what on the tips of the bristles.  Ewww.
You can contour the face with a darker blush and also blush the face with this same brush.
I've had my brush for 10 years now and it still looks brand new.  There's no chips in the wood handle or loss of bristles.  Impressive.  It's definitely the most bang for your buck.  Around $50.
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