La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water Spray

This is a go-to benign spritz(toner) for any skin condition.  Toners should always be alcohol-free (as a reminder).  This sprays on very fine and light and quenches the skin.  Use it after cleansing to normalize the pH of the skin.  Use it after applying foundation and/or mineral makeup to get rid of any dryness.  The molecular structure of the ingredients is so small, it can reach through makeup and hydrate the skin without messing up makeup.  Re-apply as often as you desire.  Make sure you hold it about a foot or so away as to not drench the skin.
For a 5.2 oz bottle, it's around $10.00 at CVS.
I spritz throughout the day because I love keeping my skin as dewy as possible.
Try spraying this on right before both day & night serum/moisturizer as opposed to applying serum/moisturizer on a dry, tight skin.  It'll help to carry your products in to the skin.   That way you'll use less product because there's more slip on the skin.  Totally safe for any skin especially skin that is over-dried from using acne medications both orally and topically.  Your skin needs hydration!!!!  Also wonderful for hot flashes and sunburned skin.  Soothing.