C O Bigelow Mentha Lip Shine Cinnamint

Yes, I'm a sucker for all products for the lips!  This is a 100% natural mint lip shine that claims to freshen your breath too....?  Sounds like a bonus to me.  There's a .1% cinnamon oil that feels like it's plumping with out the Lip Venom burn, remember that product?
I use this as a lip color and treatment during the day.  It's got an easy applicator tip and gives a slight burst of color.  Light plum.  I put it just over the lip line to help stimulate the upper lip and prevent the vertical lines.
An inexpensive, dewy treat and it feels like it's doing something-check it out.

Here's to an amazing New Year!!!!!

Skin Ceuticals C E Ferulic Serum

A super antioxidant combination!  This serum is a splurge but it's really powerful.  It works to help brighten  environmental aging and boosts collagen production.  It also has a UV protectant and should be used during the day.
I use this daily under my moisturizer with SPF.  I put about 4-5 drops in hand and push it in to my skin, including face, neck and chest.  It goes on with a slight tingle, which is normal and it absorbs instantly.  I follow with my SPF moisturizer right after and it does not get clumpy or tacky.
This is so easy to use and a huge favorite for many women over the age of 25.  Because I use a Retin-a some evenings, this serum helps to balance out my dehydration.  Also a safe choice for new moms with the pregnancy mask or pigmentation areas.
There's a reason why Allure Magazine made this one of their favorite picks.  It's super concentrated which makes it more effective and friendly with most skin conditions/types.  I don't recommend on active acne.
I'm glad I splurged with this one.