Botox Cosmetic

This is the injectable Botox that is used to tighten the frown lines, vertical brow lines and crows feet.  It is also still used to treat migraine headaches.  There are other areas that Botox is used but none of which I've had first hand experience with.
The average cost ranges between $200.00 and $500.00 +/-
It takes about a full week to see the complete results of treatment.  It lasts between 3-5 months.  What got my interest sparked were all of my guests who volunteered they'd received it but I honestly couldn't tell that it had been done.  Yes, this is a great thing because you may still have a natural expression line here and there but you don't want to look frozen!!!  I thought about getting it done for preventative reasons.  Yes, I've earned every one of my lines which I love, but this, in my opinion is a beautiful and safe enhancement that does just that, enhance.   Less is more and I'm not regular with my treatments.  Even with my professional discount the cost is high for my budget.  I get treatments about every 8 to 10 months, sometimes even longer in between.  I've had 4 treatments so far only on my forehead area.  I'm not a needle loving person and I tell you what, the needle is sooooo fine that I can barely feel it going in to my skin.  I have never used a pre-treatment of lidocaine or anything else.  I don't think it's necessary for me.  I just apply a little cool washcloth over the areas treated afterward for 2 minutes and I'm out the door.  I've yet to have any bruising or headaches after or during injections.  I can't stress enough the importance of conservative amounts.  It obviously varies from person to person so just let the dermatologist, nurse or plastic surgeon know what it is you are wanting.  It's not a waste of money, it's a safer approach, especially if you're a first timer.  If you're not, don't get too crazy and addicted because you'll look frozen and what's up with that???  For me, I go to a nurse practitioner who I trust and who is a good listener.  The more bang for your buck theory doesn't apply to this.  :)
The Botox Cosmetic web page gives much insight and education on the entire topic.  Just like Retin-A, Botox was discovered to be anti-aging while using it for an entirely different purpose in the first place.  You decide for yourself.  Good Luck.  Won't you join in next week?