The Body Shop Body & Leg Shine (Light/Medium)

The latest in self-bronzing all at your finger tips.  And mess free!  You don't have to get your hands in the product.  EASY!!!
The packaging mimics a stick of deodorant and glides on leaving the skin glowing and even!
I use it when I'm going to be exposing my legs and don't want to look as white as a cotton ball.
I glide it over all of the exposed areas and off I go.  It washes off and doesn't get darker the longer you use it.  It doesn't absorb into the skin the way the lotions do.
The reason I love it is that it's a quick fix when you don't have the time to plan ahead for self-tanning lotions.  Works well for evening out the strap marks from bathing suit lines.
Great for brides too!
Around $18.00 for just under 2 oz of stick.  Comes in 2 shades.
I have not used it my face but I don't see why I couldn't for a little glow.
A fabulous, mess free bronzer that's so easy to apply!!!

Latisse by Allergan

This prescription eyelash darkening and lengthening product works great!
After 2 months of using nightly, my lashes feel and look longer, darker and even curlier at the ends.
I'll use the treatment for 1 more month, then every 3rd month for maintenance.  That's what my dermatologist and clients recommend.
I use my Latisse at night after removing my contacts and washing my face and eye makeup with an oil-free  remover.  I highly recommend using a really thin eyeliner brush( buy new) to apply the Latisse to the base of the upper lashes.  It uses less product and it gets a clean, gentle distribution of product without scratching or getting too much on the lash line.  Try MAC brush #210.
There's a little hole at the top of the Latisse bottle and that's where I dip the brush into then finely line the upper lash line with product.  I can feel the wetness of the product so I know I got it on the entire length of the line.  I don't apply the product on the lower lash (not recommended) but it does fall onto the lower lash line if you apply right before bed and eyes are closed.  I have actually noticed my lower lashes getting slightly longer as well.
After applying the product, I clean the brush with tepid water and my face cleanser of choice and let air dry on a clean towel.
I began to notice the results in about 3 weeks after I started using the product.
About a dozen clients have highly recommended using this Latisse on the eyebrows too.  If you have hypotrichosis (hair loss) in the brow line, by all means give it a shot.  Apply the same way just make sure you run the length of the entire brow line.
I've yet to try it on my brows simply because I've got wooly brows but it has made a difference for those who rave about it.
So for a month supply (3ml) this itsy bitsy prescription will cost you from about $90.-$125.
The secret is to buy the thin eyeliner brush and you'll get 3 months (+/-) out of 2 bottles.  That's a savings of a month supply!!!
By the way, I've had NO side effects what so ever but I did stop using for 1 week while I was in the humidity and heat on the east coast in July.
Please refer to for more details.  Good Luck!!
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