True Gentleman Pre Shave Oil in Lavender

I thought it would be important to touch on a few mens products because men need to keep up with their skin too.  1.7 oz. for around $20.00 on-line.  A few drops go a very long way.
Because I'm married to the sexiest and best looking guy in the universe, no kidding, I wanted to reach into his repertoire and make some observations.  He really is a typical, less is more kinda guy when it comes to his routine but it's really about what key products he does use and how they effect his skin.
This pre-shave oil is especially for the face and neck and really nourishes deep into the skin.  He then puts a shave cream (foam) on top then shaves.  The lavender is healing to the skin and helps to lessen the amount of in-growns.  Lavender is also known to de-stress the mind and calm you down.  It also acts as an antiseptic.  A lovely essential oil, indeed.  The oil is a deep moisturizing component and lessens the amount of dryness after shaving also.
Apply 2-3 pumps and moisturize into the skin, the apply your shave cream of choice.
If you wanted to use the pre-shave oil AFTER shaving too, go for it!  Just remember to apply a sunscreen over it.  Everyday.
Don't be afraid of facial oils, they're so nourishing and softening to the skin and they absolutely don't break your skin out.  Who wouldn't love that?
Won't you join in next week???