Dior Addict Lip Maximizer (Collagen Activ)

A not-too-spicy approach to plumping the lips.  With a minty feel and clear glossy finish, I love to use this alone at night or on top of a lip color during the day.  $29.50 and one swoop over each lip-viola, not a bad investment.
I put it on top of my upper lip line to prevent any of those annoying vertical lines from appearing.  It feels like it's doing something, maybe it's the collagen trickery.  Either way, I'm a sucker for this one.
Great for anyone who wishes to be kissed, now get going!
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Ardell Individual Short Black False Eyelashes

These 100% human sterilized lashes are so easy to apply and make such a difference in dramatizing the eyes. They are waterproof and curled slightly at the tips, helping to blend in with natural lashes.  The clear Ardell glue works great and can last up to a week of wear.  Available at drugstores and Sally Beauty.
I first curl my own lashes and then apply a first coat of mascara.  I apply starting from the outer corners and space them about 2-3 mm apart.  I only apply about 5 per eye, stopping near the center of each eye.  In my opinion it helps give the lashes more of a natural looking length w/out having to apply the lashes all the way across the eyes.  It would look like there's too much lash going on, you dig?  Feathering off the ends looks most feminine and sexy without looking fake.
I fold a piece of aluminum foil into a small square and pour about a pea-size of glue on it.  (The glue can't absorb into foil.) With tweezers I pull from the base of the false lash (in the box) and then put the lash on the back of my hand.  I then gently grab the flare portion of the lash and dab the root into the glue.  You don't want too much glue, just about a speck of sand size then apply the lash at the upper base of my natural eye line.  The false lash should be resting gently on the natural lash but the base should be touching the natural eye line.  Hope this doesn't get confusing.  If so, You Tube has great demos for you to see!  After false lashes are applied I apply a second coat of mascara and off I go!  The bonus is for a only around  $5.00, you get 56 individuals so you can afford to practice over and over.  Take your time and have fun!  ** I'm currently starting to use the prescription lash darkening/lengthening treatment, Latisse.  I'll be blogging about that once I've been using it for a couple of months!!! To be continued..........
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