Glo Brightener highlight concealer

This soft tipped velvet finish concealer is best used around the eye area.  It's a concealer without the cakiness.
I love using this after the glo eye revitalize that I've blogged about previously.
It's around $20.00 and it "clicks" to get product up to the tip.  One click is plenty for both eyes-take it easy.  The more concealer you use the more "wrinkled" you can use.  Tip:  If you feel like you've used to much just wet a q-tip and pat the area to gently remove.  Air dry and blend the rest in.
You can use the actual tip of the concealer stick to pat or dot it then use your ringer fingers to blend inward and upward around the under eye area and the inner corner of the eye.  This really helps to lighten the areas and wake up the face.
I use it primarily around the eyes but occasionally use it to even out the skin on/around a blemish.   Keep in mind that this is full of vitamins, green tea and also an spf!!!  Bonus!
This comes in 2 shades light and medium.  Here comes summer!!!!!!!!
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