Eminence Organics Lime Stimulating Masque

Around $60.00 for a 2 oz jar.
This detoxifying and firming exfoliant is excellent for mature skin as it really tightens and deep cleans.
I use about a pea-size of this non-grit exfoliant about once every 2 weeks.  I create a little paste by adding a little water to my hands and spread it all over my face, neck and chest.  As I'm showering, the steam keeps it wet and it's less time consuming.  So I just leave it alone and it really goes to work.  After about 5 or so minutes I'll rinse with tepid water and pat dry.  Yes, my skin is rosy for about 10 minutes but that's a good thing!  It means my skin just got a work out and is going to glow!!!  It's very important that we exercise our pores periodically so the skin remains youthful and firm.  Remember, as we lose our estrogen the pores want to stretch-no sir!!!!
There's lots of vit c in this product as well as the vit a and nettle, which give the sensation.
The smell is fresh and energizing- making this a true beauty treat for most.  Not recommended for rosacea skin.  For more oily skin, feel free to add a little grit of your choice to the lime to regulate the sebum more.  For example, try the 10 grains from eminence to add as a grit.  Just don't ever, no matter what the skin type/condition, rub your skin raw thinking it'll get cleaner.  You'll just break capillaries and confuse the oil glands to then produce more.  Always use tepid water, everyone, always always always.  Trust me.
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