Micellar Water

The Micellar water craze:

Micelles are tiny round cleansing molecules that have a magnetic type action to sweep away surface dirt, impurities and makeup without needing to rinse with water.  Miceller water can be used as a quick multi-purpose cleanser if you don't have time to do your normal cleansing routine (new moms), late late nights, when there's no running water (camping) or after a workout.  It doesn't leave a residue and can be used with a cotton pad or a press/release action with your hands.
I wouldn't recommend that you switch out your normal cleansing routine altogether but this is a way to get the job done and not feel guilty for sleeping with your makeup on.  It'd be a great pre-cleanse because of the fact that it gently and efficiently removes the makeup without leaving any film.
It's a helpful go-to for makeup artists when we need to re-do an area because it feels refreshing, not heavy.
Caudalie has a grape seed infused micellar water that is very reasonable at $28. for 6.7 ounces and it will last approx 3 months if used daily.  For any of you product junkies, this is a fun, hip product that won't break the bank!