MAC brush # 150

This brush is big and fluffy to apply loose powders with a light finish.
You can buy at MAC stores world wide. I bought this brush about 5 years ago and because I don't use it often, it's like new! I think it sells for around $25.00. I dip the tip of the brush into the loose powder of choice and tap a couple of times then swirl along the forehead, cheeks and neck very gently.
This brush could be used for dusting body shimmer powders/bronzers all over too.
A great brush to have for blending too, if you use too much blush, for example, just blend it out with this brush and some powder.
Clean your brush about once every two weeks with cool water and some of the facial cleanser that you use. Soak in the sink basin for about 10-20 minutes. Pat dry then shake out. Let sit overnight on a clean towel.
Have fun boys and girls!!!

Dr. Bronner's 18-in-1 Hemp Lavender Pure-Castile Soap

LOVE LOVE LOVE this product for entire face, scalp and body!!!
I got this at CVS Pharmacy for around $10. for 8 oz.
I started using it for my body. Then realized I could use as a scalp treatment and in a compress for de-stressing the face.
There's nothing irritating in this product. Glycerin is wonderful for the most sensitive of skins. Glycerin also gives the skin a more squeaky clean feel. And lavender, what can I say? It's a true, organic lavender and it just makes me feel better when I smell it. A true natural remedy for a breakout, sunburn, or dehydrated skin. Just moisten a soft cloth with luke warm water(not hot!) and put about 5 drops of the product into the cloth. On a clean face, push it all over and breath deeply. After about 3-5 minutes, just apply your moisturizer of choice and go to bed.
The jojoba and olive oils also make this an overall fabulous, safe cleanser for all over. The only place to avoid are the eyes.
For scalp simply apply along parted hair and then massage with fingertips, wait 10 minutes then shampoo out.
For body, use with loofah, back brush or good old hands and work it in all over. Rinse off and moisturize.
This product comes in many different natural scents and can even be used to clean dentures!!! Crazy!
Have fun girls and boys! I recommend reading the entire label on this product. So much food for thought-way cool.
ps, I promise to talk about the MAC brush tomorrow.
love love love this product!!!

Nars loose powder in "flesh"

This large 1.6 oz. tub of loose powder is fabulous!
I paid about $35 at the CosBar in Carmel, Ca.
It comes with a puff to apply but I tossed it and use use my own fluffy brush by MAC. (Details on the brush tomorrow.) The puff has the ability to hold bacteria and doesn't apply softly and as even.
You don't need much. I just gently tap the tip of my fluffy brush in the powder and tap on the sides of the tub. I gently move around the face,neck and top of the chest and w/ circular movements move the powder all over. It sets makeup and can matte out shine for photos. It evens out the complexion for a nice, clean look. Apply this last after moisturizer and also reapply over makeup for a more matte finish. Many shades for many faces!
Great for anyone!

June Jacobs Mandarin Moisture Mask

This is an amazing Mask! You don't need to be as "routine" when using this one.
It'll cost you around $50.00. You can get on-line or at premiere spas.
The texture is like a jelly that gently absorbs into the skin, making this a fabulous overnight mask. It's clear in color and is weightless so no need to worry about the pillow cases!
I use it after cleansing and spritzing my face and neck and use about a nickel size to moisturize all over and feathering down to my chest.
Lots of vitamin c (collagen stimulator), hyaluronic acid(hydrating acid)and green tea(free radical scavenger) and most of all it feels soo damn good on the skin. Great to use if you've been under the weather, traveling, hungover or sunburned. A delicious, safe quench for any skin-seriously. Just put it on and leave it alone. Nighty night.

Lumene Rejuvenating Toner

This toner is in a 6.8 oz bottle and I got it at CVS Pharmacy for $12.00.
I use it after cleansing my face. It doesn't have a spray pump on it so I use a travel size atomizer bottle (from the travel section @ CVS-about a buck)) and pour it in. The reason I use a spritzer instead of a cotton pad is that the cotton pad soaks up all of the product and it doesn't leave the skin damp enough. A couple of sprays over my face and neck and then I moisturize.
This product has no alcohol and is loaded with vitamins. Because it's a liquid, the molecular weight is smaller so it gets into the skin fast! While the skin is damp, apply your serums and/or moisturizers and the toner will help to carry the product in also. Toners balance the pH of the skin and are extremely hydrating. You can spritz over makeup throughout the day and it won't mess it up. Great on planes if they allow as a carry-on. Pure hydration. Toners rock.
You could also pour about a dime size in the palm of your hand and press it into your skin if you don't have a spray bottle. *note: This particular toner doesn't spritz as well because it's a heavier liquid. Pressing it in with hands would be best with this one. :)
So it could double as a toner and a serum if you're watching $$$ or if your traveling and don't want to pack too much.
Great for after shaving too guys! Enjoy all.

target brand baby oil

This $3.00 product is a must for the dry, cold seasons!
It's a whopping 20 oz. size and the ingredients are simple: mineral oil and fragrance.
Okay, so it may not be organic or "green" but it's been around forever and it really works to lock in moisture. It has that unforgettable scent that's clean and not overdone.
I put about a quarter amount in the palm of my hand right after the shower. While I'm still wet, I'll rub it everywhere except my neck/face then I pat dry. It saves on time and lasts all day.
Just be careful if you apply while standing in the shower, like I do, not to get the oil on the bottom of the tub. Slip and falls will happen! Unless, of course you've got the cute flower slip-retardant appliques!
This product is an example of not messing with a great thing that's been around forever.
Great for adults only!!!

Marque Deposee Bon Bon Lip Balm No.44 (petit fours glaces)

Whew what a long name for such a little jar. It doesn't say on the jar itself how much product there is but I threw the box away before looking about a month ago. It's less than .05 oz. but has nice slip and texture, so a little bit goes a long way. Lightweight and not waxy. Not sure what the cost is because this was a gift but confident it's on-line! It's clear in color and can be used under lip color or alone. Get it all over the lip and above the lips for preventing lines. :) Great, unique product for anyone anytime!!!

peace out.