Glo Minerals Eye Pencil in Peach

This liner is an instant fix!
Around $11.00 on-line.
I use this liner on the actual inner line on the bottom.
It really helps to wake up tired eyes.  Hey you party people!!!
Such a great trick and worth every penny!
Won't you join in tomorrow?

Schwarzkopf Professional Time Restore Treatment

An incredibly nurturing hair treatment with Co Q10 to restore moisture.
Around $75.00 for 25.5 oz on Amazon.
Seriously, a little bit goes a long way.
I use about a dime size for shoulder length, thin hair about once every 10 days.  I leave it on for 5 minutes+/-.
It softens my hair and especially the ends like nothing I've used before.  There's a shine and silkiness that allows my hair to go 3 days before washing again.  I know that sounds crazy but it's true.  My hair is starting to fall out by the handfuls because I'm getting older so the longer it can go without washing the better.  Usually I wash/condition every other day but after using this treatment, I'll go an extra day or 2.  Love it!
It's a splurge product but so worth it.
Oh- if you get a pack of the shampoo and conditioner, this treatment comes with it only in a 1 oz size.  If you want to try it first, I suggest purchasing the trio pack, also on Amazon.  A less expensive alternative.

Pacifica Hawaiian Ruby Guava Solid Perfume

Made in the USA, this little eco-friendly tin smells marvelous.  Very true to the description: fresh guavas and ruby.  Delish!
I bought this .33 oz perfume at Pharmaca for around $10.00.
It's a solid organic coconut and soy wax.  This makes it easy to use by dipping your finger in and spreading  it on the pressure points.  The inside of the wrist, behind the ears and low back- why not?
A wonderful purse-size rescue for those oops moments, including forgetting to put on deodorant days.  :)
Or if traveling, this is a perfect way to get your fragrance where you are.  No spills, no breaking of glass and no money down the drain.
Pacifica makes a wide range of toiletries and this solid perfume comes in many different scents.  A lot of fun and lasts a long time on the skin too.

NYX Lip Gloss in 118 Sunshine

A fun neutral color for the lips and smells nice too.
Around $6.00 at CVS Pharmacy.
NYX has an entire makeup line that's affordable and hip.
I like to put this on with a bronzer and minimal eye makeup.
This color gives a sun-kissed look.  It isn't a stain so re-applying is necessary.
Easy and affordable, I love this color!

Eminence Organics Blueberry Detox Firming Peel

This is a professional peel that you can ask for at resort spas.  Contact to find providers.
This is not recommended for extremely sensitive/rosacea skin.
Now, if you're mature, dry, thicker skinned and in need of a lift, this is your peel!  There's no down time and it's amazing.
Loaded with blueberry extracts(astringent properties and very high in anti-oxidants), paprika(a stimulant and skin re-vitalizer), lactic acid(accelerates cell turnover) and vitamins a,c and e.
There's no grit to this and it gets into the skin quickly causing warmth and tingling.  It really feels like it's doing something.
As we lose estrogen our pores stretch so it's important to exercise them.  This is not a product that I use more than 2x a month.  It makes my skin really glow and feel supple.  Yes, there's a bit of rosiness but that's a great thing.  It keeps the pores cleaner longer.
It's a wonderful organic approach to peels and I really enjoy the smell!
Yes, get it all over the face, neck and top of the chest.

Talika Paris Lipocils for eyelash conditioning

This more natural approach to lengthening is around $40.00 on Amazon.
A lesser expensive way to go but it really does work.
It's a gel that I brush from the roots of the lashes out to the tip and then I apply my mascara over it.
It calls for day and night application but to tell you the truth I only apply in the daytime.
It's fragrance free and has apple extract, alantoin, nettle, witch hazel.
If you're sensitive to the Latisse prescription version then this should do the trick however it does not seem to be darkening the lashes, only lengthening.
Anyone can try this!

einstein lip therapy

This lip product is around $7.00 on amazon and is real lip therapy.
There's vit c micro beads that gently burst on the lips to stimulate collagen.
This product is not waxy and truly restores the moisture in very dry lips.
Great for mending wind burned, post skiing lips.
I use this at the end of a really cold day.  I apply just before bed, then I'll sneak some on my husband's lips too.
A little bit goes a long way.  It gives the lips a cooling sensation without a goopy, glossy texture.  Instantly absorbs.
A fun, unique product that anyone can use.
Won't you join in tomorrow?