Nick Relief Styptic Pencil

For an easy $2.50 at drugstores, you can get some real relief from razor nicks and/or minor cuts using this tried and true pencil.
My husband sometimes cuts himself in the same area while he shaves and ALWAYS reaches for a styptic pencil.  Made of aluminum sulfate and titanium dioxide, wetting the tip and lightly pressing it on the nick/cut stops the bleeding immediately.  Say goodbye to teeny weeny irritating bloody tissue balls!
Aluminum sulfate helps with contracting the blood vessels which enables the blood flow to the targeted area to lessen or stop.  The faster the bleeding stops the lower the risk of infection.  Titanium dioxide is used in sun protection products.  It has a resistance to discoloration on the skin and acts as a thickening agent.  All of this is super for treating minor razor cuts for men and women and anyone who likes to climb around in the trees and bushes while hiking or biking.  ***Bonus: Add one to your basic first aid kit.
These unique pencils used to be more common when straight razors were the way for men to shave.  You'll see more and more "barbering" services become available again because the old-fashioned barber shave is making it's way back!
There is a slight sting when applying the pencil but it beats dripping blood at the Dunkies or Peet's counter.
Tissue just doesn't do the trick and it looks scary.  For this price what do you have to lose?  Oh and did I mention my $2.50 included 2 pencils?  Check it out ya'll and come and join me next week.