Revlon Beyond Natural Cream Lipgloss in Pink/Rose

This tube of lip cream is great for just a hint of color and shine.  There are no sparkles or "plumper" in this but it just feels great going on and is a quick fix.  No need to look in a mirror to apply.  I love throwing this on as a last minute pick me up for my face.  Like when I'm rushing to get to work and have very minimal makeup on, this really draws attention to the lips so they look like I have spent some time on my makeup.  It's my SYKE product!
With an angled tip it makes for an easy application and smells like butterscotch.  I'm pleasantly surprised at how long the product stays on too.
The only thing missing is a sunscreen.  It'd be wonderful to come out with the same thing only with an added SPF.  hint hint (like anyone from Revlon is reading :) )