Eminence Organics Yam & Pumpkin Enzyme Peel

This is one of my many favs for exfoliating.
Loaded with lots of magnificent ingredients for the 25+ club.   :)
Buy on line or in resort spas all over the country for around fifty bucks.
So I use it once a week in the shower.  Using about a dime size for entire face, neck and top of chest.  I leave it on while I'm shampooing and shaving then remove it last with tepid water.  (To further neutralize, I use a couple spritzes of the Eminence chamomile toner-tomorrow's post.)
Yams and pumpkins have a natural occurring enzyme that eats up all the dead protein cells(dead skin) that's sitting on the surface.  A wonderful alternative to a heavy abrasive scrub.  It's creamy and smells like thanksgiving-no kidding.  Also, glycolic and lactic acids are firming and anti bacterial.  As women lose their estrogen, the pores s-t-r-e-t-c-h so the little tingle that occurs with this product means that it's actually reaching deeper and stimulating those stretching pores-get back!
It's important to force cell turnover otherwise build up and dryness will happen too.  You can overdue it though so keep it to a minimum.  Don't hesitate to post questions about your particular skin condition and I can do my best to guide you to the right amount of exfoliation and what exfoliating ingredients to look for.  :)  It'd be my absolute pleasure!
won't ya join in tomorrow?

Revlon Beyond Natural Defining Eye Pencil in Dk Brown

Easy to put on and easy to take off.  If you want to spread the color on the lid, just use your fingertip.  These sell for around $8.00 at drugstores and come in many shades.
For a daytime look, just line the top and smudge upwards for more coverage on the lid.  If you choose to apply on the bottom, don't smudge and just lightly line.  Always line from the outside in both top and bottom.
For evening, use a more defined line on the top and for the bottom,  line right on the inside of the lower lid by gently pulling down the skin.  Take your time.
Enjoy this user friendly product.

Eminence Organics Sun Defense Mineral Powder in #0 translucent

What a user friendly product!!  It comes in a tube that you just open up, push from the bottom and lightly swirl all over face, neck and chest.  At eminenceorganics.com they explain how to apply if you need help.
Loaded with vitamins A, C and E and an spf 30, this "stick" is a bargain at around $55.00.  Of course on-line or at resort spas is where you can purchase.
You honestly do not need much at all and it lasts up to about 6 months using it everyday.
This particular translucent color really gives a flawless look and could absolutely be used on you men too, who love playing outdoors and have texture issues with the spf creams.  Safe for babies too!
Water-resistant and calming, I apply this on my clients after facials, peels and facial waxing.
There are more shades for every skin so check it out and toss one in your bag of essentials.
I keep mine in my car so I can apply it before I take my long walks.  Sooooo easy.

June Jacobs Skin Radiance Serum

This is actually a facial oil and word is that it's not being manufactured anymore.  Well, not if I can help it.  This is a truly unique skin moisturizer to say the least.  Maybe through some heavy begging on their website, they'll consider re-launching it.  I'll keep you posted as to what I find out.
I first tried this product at work and found that it really made a difference with plumping my guests skin, filling in the fine lines and giving a luminous glow.  The drier the skin, the older it looks.  This product takes care of that.  Even the occasional break-out prone skin can handle this, trust me and read on.
Because it's an oil, many tend to steer away thinking that oil=bad.  What?  That sebum that you produce is helping to age your skin nice and s-l-o-w-don't mess with it.  The dewier the skin the absolute better!  There are more oil based cleansers coming out and that's great but using this particular serum under makeup or at night as a moisturizer will really make a difference.
So, this is how I use it.  If I'm not using my retin-a at night, I'll put about 3-4 drops all over face, neck and chest.  It moves well so a little goes a very long way.  If on some mornings I'm feeling super dry (higher altitudes, climate), I'll use it instead of my vit-c product then apply my moisturizers, etc on top.
The ingredients has rose hip oil, hemp seed oil, meadowfoam and wheat germ oils, which all give lots of botanical nutrients.  Also there's vit a (anti-acne)and carrot extract which are anti-aging!!!
This is such a deeeeeep penetrating, silky serum, you'll be emailing June and her staff after reading this too so you can go on and get yourself some.
The only skin I would not recommend using this is highly acneic skin.
Let's get this product back out there!

Mac Eye Shadow in Chill

This shadow helps to wake up and highlight the eyes.
Cost is around $10.00 on-line and in-stores.
I apply it with the MAC 252 brush and get it all over the lid, especially in the inside corners to open up the eyes!  A must for you early risers, party people, new mommies, brides, on camera/film people and runway divas!
You can use it solo or as a base for the rest of your eye shadow application.  When doing the smokey eye thing always use on the brow bone, just under the eyebrow to highlight your look.
I also use a little under my eyes to brighten and refresh.
Try doing one eye at a time with Chill and see what a huge difference it makes with just this color alone.
Have fun with it!

Dior Eye Show in Glam & Glitz Black 092

This pot of shadow is fun and makes my eyes pop for daytime or nighttime looks.
I use an angled brow brush to line my lids and then I use my finger to add a little to sweep over the lid. It gives two different colors in one product. I really like this because it saves on time and cost.
You can buy for around $25.00-$35.00.
It's texture is more on the soft side, not a powder, so it stays put.
So you can do a smokey eye with this or just a light sweep for some definition-your choice. More shadows and brushes to come!

Sally Hansen Age Eraser Lip treatment

I bought this shiny, orange tube (.30 oz) at CVS Pharmacy for around $10.00. Fortified with vit c, licorice and bearberry, this helps to fight against loss of elasticity and hyper-pigmentation. I use it as a true treatment when my lips are over-dry due to cold weather, flu or a hangover-:) what?? Yes, and this is great for exfoliating too because it has a gommage (french for exfoliate)effect when I remove it.
So, here's the deal. I pump a pea size on to my middle finger and spread it all over my lips and around my lip line. After about 30 seconds, using the same finger I rub around the same motion and guess what? I gently gommage or peel away the dead skin! So do this over the sink so the little balls of dead skin fall into the basin and not on the floor-eww. There's no need to press too firm but you want to get all of it off. After that, about 2 minutes tops, apply another layer and leave it on overnight. It's so satisfying to see it work too.
Pucker pucker, we need to stimulate the lips more often than we do, well............ I don't want to go there but kiss kiss kiss and that also helps firm the mouth area! Our lips are an extension of our mouth that's why the older we get, the less amount of lips we keep because they're moving inward-ahhhhhhhh!!!
So, the texture is a clear gel and there's no fragrance! Now get on it-mmmmmuah!