CG smoky shadow blast in Silver Sky

This creamy eyeshadow is an easy, affordable choice.  Great for travel and many duos to choose from.  So there's 2 colors in one stick-like tube. The step 1 color goes all over the eye lid blending up into the brow to highlight.  The step 2 goes into the crease of the lid and along the bottom of the lid, closest to the lash line.  You can make the line as fine or as wide as you like.  You can also use on the lower eye line.
This product is easy to remove with a cotton swab so if you mess it up, just wipe and do again.
After I apply this shadow, I use my ring finger to blend it as needed.  Meaning, if I put too much in the crease, I'll blend it over the crease until it lightens up and/or evens out.
It's easy to remove and if anything goes on lighter than darker.
These are dummy proof and yet still look like you know what you're doing when it comes to shadow colors so give this a try and play!