Revercel Perfect Glycolic Cleanser

I realize that I just blogged last week about a cleanser but I need to talk about this one too!  I use this cleanser about 3 times a week at night.  It's a perfect cleanser to use on the nights that you're using your Retin-A because it allows the Retin-A to penetrate deeper.
I use about a dime size and work it into my face, neck and chest.  I use a soft baby washcloth to remove gently, rinsing the cloth with tepid water.
My skin feels tingly but it means it's getting deeper into the epidermis to loosen up the dead protein cells(dead skin) and bacteria.  It promotes cell turnover so the skin takes on a fresh, firm texture.  I don't recommend using it every day.
Glycolic acid is derived from sugar cane and has an anti-bacterial effect on the skin.  For myself and many clients it's a perfect go-to for managing both breakouts and aging skin.
This cleanser is non-foaming and fragrance-free.  For sensitive/rosacea skin use once or twice a week only.  If you're new to glycolics, understand that this ingredient helps to draw out toxins in the skin.  Mild breakouts can happen when first introducing into the skin.  NO PICKING ALLOWED.  :)