Peter Thomas Roth Mega Rich Anti-Aging Cellular Cream

This is one of my all time favorite p.m. moisturizers.  It's a blend of malic acid, from apples and lactic acid, from milk.  These alpha hydroxy acids have the same duties as a stronger Retin-A but without the intensity.  Those duties are to firm the skin by gently increasing the cell turnover rate and also they keep the pores cleaner longer by having the anti-bacterial properties.  (Remember back when Retin-A was first formulated for the use of clearing up acne?) This moisturizer is also loaded with avocado oil, green and white tea and grape seed extract to name a few. These are all incredible anti-oxidants that help to nourish the skin and keep it plump and lubricated.
The texture of this is beyond any other moisturizer I've felt thus far.  You can only imagine how many I've tried-product junky that I am!  It is absorbent and silky but not thick and heavy.  It's got just a hint of natural citrus and nothing more.  I can feel my skin drinking it up.  Very pleasant in every way.
I will use this on the nights that I do not use my Retin-A blend prescription.  It's important to take a break from your Retin-A every so often.  That all depends on the % you're using and how often per week you use it.  I apply all over my face, neck and feather down on to the decollete. Oui, so wonderful.