Lumene Vitamin C+ Invigorating Eye Serum

I'm a fan of this budget friendly line from Finland.
Available at CVS Pharmacy and around $15.00.
This roll-on eye serum feels really light on the skin and absorbs fast.
I use it a.m. and p.m. under moisturizers.  Just start from the outer corner of the eye(lower orbital bone) and roll inward toward the inner eye.  Then roll right in the middle of the brows.
I particularly like that the serum absorbs and leaves no residue or sticky feeling.  It's easier to apply moisturizers afterward.
For those who don't want to fuss with dipping fingers into products, this roll-on sure is easy and clean.
The Vit C and Lingonberry help to brighten the eyes and stimulate collagen.
With all of the anti-aging eye rollers coming out now, this one is worth a try.

Moroccan Oil Hydrating Styling Cream

This 10.2 oz cream is a bargain at over twice the amount of product and around $10.00 cheaper than the actual Moroccan Oil hair oil.  It also comes in a safe plastic bottle with a pump.
This styling cream disintegrates into the hair and smells just like the actual oil.  * Don't get me wrong, I love the oil too but this is a better budget-friendly version and it's the same product line!
Anyway, after I wash my hair,  I pump about 2 pumps (medium length, thinning hair) into my hands and work it from the scalp down to my ends.  Leave in.
I use it on the days I don't use a conditioner in the shower.  I air dry but blow drying would be fine.  It's a quick fix for those mornings that you really can't have Calgon take you away!  But the way it makes your hair smell makes you forget about mad-dash mornings!
It's pure Argan Kernel Oil w/ a secret patented fragrance.  It's that secret fragrance that puts this particular line at the top of the Argan Oil express train.  I've tried other products that have the argan oil in them, but they just don't smell like this line at all.  This smells a little musky with a hint of mandarin.  On the days I don't wash my hair, I'll use this to get that scent and shine that it gives.
This styling cream is a leave-in conditioner/hydrator that takes away frizz and gives the hair shine.
It doesn't have a sticky texture at all.  My newest fave.
Won't you join in next week?