Peter Thomas Roth Unwrinkle Eye Conceal and Brighten

This duo for the eyes is a super deal for around $35.00 for a 6-8 month supply.
It's like a stick and on one end is the concealer and the other end is a brightener.
I use 2 dots under my eyes of the concealer and 3 dots (1 under my eyes, 1 on the crow's feet section and 1 under the brow.  Blending w/ the ring finger from the outside in these 2 mix together and make a natural, even cover to really open up the eyes.
Fragrance free.  I love the "little bit goes a long way" product if you couldn't tell from previous posts.  This is no exception.  I'm glad I bought it and it does come with a diagram for application which is a little bonus for the skeptics.  There's 2 different shades to choose from.  Light/Medium and Medium/Dark.
Won't you join in next week?