Toners: Why are they important?

Toners are a terrific way to instantly hydrate and freshen up the skin.  They also balance the pH of the skin as well as aid in the delivery of products into the skin.  Look for alcohol-free spritz toners, tonics or brumisateur (atomizer) sprays.  Spray toners are so much easier to use and you'll get a full coverage using less product.  Saturating a cotton pad can use up product too fast and it's unnecessary unless you're using a toner with acne fighting ingredients.  A few drops on a cotton pad swept over blemishes is safe and appropriate for that because you don't want those acne fighting ingredients in the eye area.
Ingredients found in spray toners vary from botanicals to fruit extracts, collagen and hyaluronic acid ( hydrating acid).   Toners perk up the skin and mind.   They are ideal for spritzing over makeup throughout the day, after cleansing and after a workout.  Toners give a dewy glow and thats the best part.  Bring on the dew!!  A great way to beat the dull and dry winter days ahead!  Make your own toner with green tea and a travel size spray bottle.  Boil water and steep a pure green tea bag, let cool and carefully pour into a sanitary travel spray bottle.  Pop into your purse, gym bag and spritz as often as you need to!  Great for flying too, have fun.